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The Story of a Girl

You never seem to run out of things to say...

Percy O'Leary
27 May
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You see that girl sitting there in the pub by the billiards tables?

No, go on, look. She’s the petite one sitting there with a pint of Guinness and surrounded by purses. Those girls shooting pool are her friends, and she’s been officially relegated to bag guard duty. She looks happy enough though. Her pint is keeping her company, and her foot’s bobbing along to the music. If you look close enough, you might even notice her lips moving ever-so-slightly as she sings along under her breath.

(Whoa, black Betty, bam-a-lam…)

You’re welcome to go on up and take a seat next to her. Introduce yourself, even. She’ll smile, offer a hand, and tell you her name’s Percy.

Chat with her for a while, ask her some questions. Given that you’re polite, Percy will likely tell you more about herself.

She likes to think of herself as a perpetual student, and will probably give that as the answer to your likely ‘so what do you do’ inquiry. Press a little further, talk a little more, and she’ll elaborate. You’ll learn she’s a high school teacher. You’ll probably guess at her subject areas fairly easily from there. Given that by now she’s already finished a sentence or two of yours, or made some offhand reference to medieval philosophy, English and History are safe bets.

It won’t take you long to figure out she’s a raging dork either, seeing as she’s not particularly good at hiding it. Movies, books, music, comics, television...the list goes on. She’s an X-Geek (check the Xavier Institute tee-shirt cleverly hidden under her blazer), a CSI-dork in remission, and a fiend for anything and everything Alice in Wonderland related. If you can work it in to the conversation, mention an interest in zombies or Christopher Moore and watch her eyes light up.

Then there’s the sort of stuff that you’d only find out over the course of a few cups of coffee and conversations to come. Stuff like her fairly liberal Christian convictions, for example. Maybe even the medical history she'll jokingly refer to as being straight out of a bad episode of House.

But hey. Let’s not spoil the fun, shall we? Side on up to her over there. Introduce yourself. See what happens.
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